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Shafters Cricket v LJ Clarks - 2015

Due to scheduling issues this year’s annual cricket match versus the LJ Clarks’ XI was switched to an early evening mid week 20/20 bash. However nothing changed the competitive and spirited – some times overly spirited – contest where the Shafters were seeking to secured only their second victory following last year’s nail biting last ball loss! The team welcomed back Rollo Greenfield after a four-year break and gave a debut to Martin Wyatt. Simon Hill and Martin Cardoe made up the “oldies” contingent with the remaining seven youngsters comprising a family assortment of Cardoes, Hills and friends. On the face of it a strong team who had the depth and strength to match up to a proper cricket team.


Fielding first our youthful bowling attacked was led by Ollie Cardoe, the Hill Bros (Harry & Bertie) together with their mates Tom Dryden and Max Labouchere as well as Max Merttens. Snappy fielding and tight bowling restricted the LJ’s to 165-7. Max L picking up very creditable figures of 3-12 to go with Tom’s 2-29 and Bertie’s 2-26. A target we considered reachable if we could get off to a decent start and beat the increasingly darkening evening skies.


The batting was front end loaded with youth in the hope we could chase down a challenging total. Harry opened with a flourish dispatching Damo for two consecutive boundaries in the first two balls. This all looked too easy. Sadly the early swagger wasn’t evidenced 4 overs into the match with the scoreboard registering 17-2. Retrenchment was necessary and Bertie & Max L set about it despite some hostile bowling and confrontation (from the umpire’s perspective) from Damo. After Max L had fallen to Damo leaving the Shafters 26-3 it needed a partnership of guile and fortitude. Thanks to Bertie and Ollie C we got it. While Bertie held his end up and protected his wicket, Ollie C set about the bowling with panache slaying balls to the boundary and driving the LJ’s field further out. When Bertie finally conceded his wicket the score had moved onto 41. The cost of protecting our wickets had put us well behind the necessary run rate but still within touch. 

Over to the Cardoe Bros. In a thrilling 66 run partnership Ollie & Alex started to chase down the runs and start to create doubt between the LJ’s. When dangerman Ollie was finally out for a magnificent 39 runs (off 27 balls) the score had leapt to 107 with 5 overs to go. Wickets in hand but with the oldies making up the last four batsmen it was now or never for Alex C and Max Merttens. And boy did they respond as a partnership! As the light faded from gloomy to nearing pitch black the two of them carted the ball here and there running what looked like suicidal singles to chase what looked an improbable target. But they never gave up bringing up the total to 153 with a stunning 46 run partnership in four overs! Could they pull it off? By the time Max was bowled first ball of the last over for 26 runs off only 16 balls and Martin Wyatt had departed for 2 the Shafters required 7 off the last ball faced by the Captain. Despite his efforts to nail a six for a tie Martin Cardoe could only get one. A gallant Shafters effort had fell just short by 6 runs. Alex C scoring 31 runs in a commendable innings. 


As I reflect on the quite magnificent effort everyone put in, especially in adversity, coming so close to winning highlighted the strength in depth and sheer bloody mindedness of the team to win despite fading light of ludicrous proportions. Thanks to all involved for your phenomenal effort. Great spirit and camaraderie together with fine bowling, batting and fielding pushed the team so close to what would have been a deserved victory and “one on the chin” for Damo!!


I should also extend thanks to Jonathan Horler – side lined by injury and Stuart Wilson for coming to support. Jonathan’s scoring was exemplary as you can see from the attached score sheets. (So much better the the LJ’s) To Rollo and Simon who didn’t bat or bowl but were ready for batting action should have the need arisen - I should add that both were extremely active on the field and saw quite some action. To Milly for providing a terrific spread of cricketing grub.

Shafters Cricket Team 2015

Martin Cardoe

Ollie Cardoe

Alex Cardoe

Simon Hill

Harry Hill

Bertie Hill

Max Merttens

Tom Dryden

Max Labouchere

Rollo Greenfield

Martin Wyatt


Shafters Cricket v LJ Clarks - 2014

In another agonisingly close game the Shafter’s cricket XI missed out by one run in their attempt to secure consecutive victories.


With a team once again bristling with youth they got off to a typically shambolic start by turning up 30 minutes late. Their feeble excuse being that they hadn’t been informed of a change of pitch and nothing to do with the pre match beers at The County Arms!!


As a result the LJ’s determined that the match should be battled out over 25 overs rather than the usual 30. Not a problem for this band of merry (hic!) men when they reflected on last’s year’s astounding victory where they bowled out the opposition in 24 overs. 


Electing to bowl first the Shafters got off to a strong start with Hill (Bertie) – sadly his father was missing in action for the first time since the fixture was established – and Cardoe (Ollie) opening the bowling with some fiery balls that had the opposition scurrying back to the pavilion (well a nearby tree) for additional body and head protection!!  In no time at all they had dispatched the opening pair both grabbing a wicket each and then it was time to call up our secret weapon in Horler (Freddie). Sadly Freddie missed last year’s victory, so you could see he was very keen to make his mark and cement a long-term place in the team. (ED - I don’t think that’s in any doubt when you read on). Well it didn’t take Freddie long to nail his first victim. While the batsmen were all salivating at getting hold of his slow off breaks the Shafter’s knew otherwise and temptation simply and quickly got the better of them. In his first over he’s packed their number 3 back to the pavilion with a cast iron LBW decision as he backed himself into a defensive position bang in front of the stumps. 35-3 after 7 overs and the top 3 batsmen gone. Come on you Shafter’s was the cry. As tends to be the case in these situations momentum shifts and we met strong resistance in the fourth wicket partnership. However, if we could just break through these two batsmen the fat underbelly of the LJ’s middle order would be exposed and we could wreak some serious damage. Perhaps the introduction of Horler Snr could conjure up some magic and break the spell. What a sight. Horler Junior one end and Horler Senior the other. Having moved the score up into the 90s there was a tad bit of concern that we’d let them off the hook. Fear not. Freddie to the rescue. A top scoring Duncan Hadnett (43 runs) banged a tough catch down Alex Cardoe’s throat and we were back into the wickets. Well it didn’t take long before the next LJ was slumping his way back. In fact it was the very next ball! Sharp keeping by Cardoe (M) – he claims he had no idea other than to stick his gloves out and snare what was a very decent catch. Two down in two balls and a first hat trick ball for Freddie. With the entire field brought in and a raucous welcome the LJ’s number 7 nervously took guard. Close but not quite on this occasion the ball was dug out and they survived. But it wasn’t long before the sound of leather on stumps was to arrive. This time in the shape of a deliciously swinging ball from Horler Senior who dismantled the stumps of the opposing Captain. We were back on track. However, we still hadn’t removed their resolute number 5 batsman and Freddie was bowling his last over. Fear not again. There simply was no stopping our little spin meister Freddie. Having just been slaughtered to the boundary the number 5 wanted another piece of Freddie’s bowling. Now that was a mistake. Cleverly tempting him down the wicket, the batsmen missed comfortably his ill judged attempted heave only to be clean bowled. Well-done young Freddie.  In walked their number 9 and in the very next ball he was heading right back to where he’d just come! Another bamboozling ball from the maestro Freddie clean bowled him and not only did Freddie have a five-fer but yet another chance to secure a Shafter’s first ever hat-trick.  Could he sign off with a perfect ball? Sadly not this time. A very cautious batsmen fending off another penetrating ball. But wow what a spell of bowling. Freddie finished with superb figures of 5-33. Congratulations young man. A quite brilliant performance. So with two wickets to go, Cammy protecting his number 11 and Freddie bowled out it fell to Wilson (Tom) and Cardoe (Ol) to clean up. Regrettably the cleaning up didn’t come as swiftly as we’d have liked! Cammy started to wind up and smash the ball to assorted parts of Wandsworth Common. In between this cameo show, sharp fielding from Alex Cardoe had hastened Robert Ditcham’s departure with a run out but we still desperately needed to get that last wicket. Thanks then to the Cardoe brothers with Alex taking another catch from his elder brother’s bowling. All done then – well apart of course from our batting!

The LJ’s finished on 135 all out in the 24th over. Freddie the stand out bowler but with excellent contributions from his father, Ollie Cardoe and Bertie Hill. So over to you batsmen..............................

Last year we chased 146 to win and did so with 3 wickets to spare. Could we pull it off again? Dig deep Shafters. Alex Cardoe & Toby Swift fended off the early overs before Alex was (mysteriously he claims) caught behind. Nevertheless in Toby and Ollie Cardoe we had batting strength and ability. And this was proven as they took the score up to the late 40s before Toby also fell victim to a caught behind. We’d earlier had a bowling out de force of two Horlers now was the moment for two Cardoes to build on a very solid batting start. For a time it was quite entertaining. Each attempting to match each other’s shot like for like. Runs and boundaries flowed and the score progressed relatively easily into the 80s. However Senior Cardoe – having just advised his son not to do anything rash – promptly did! An attempted swish off leg resulted in his leg stump being firmly dispatched from the soil. What a numpty! No worries though we’d moved the score on with only 3 wickets down. Surely we could score 60 odd runs with 7 wickets? Bertie joined Ol and kept the momentum going raising the score past the 100 mark before being caught. Closely followed by Billy Robinson who was harshly given out having been bowled a bouncer and in turning to avoid the ball fell back onto his stumps. 5 wickets down swiftly became 6 as our batting hero Ollie succumbed having scored a very decent 38 runs. So now we were to rely once again on a Horler partnership. Freddie and Jonathan batting together and push on for victory. Sadly Freddie was bowled having held his end up with 6 runs. So three Wilson’s (Stu, Tom and debutant Sam) to close the batting for the Shafters together with Jonathan. Tom Wilson entered the stage looking the entire party animal and batsman. Overs were running out but we had about 25 runs for victory with 3 overs remaining. Two hefty shots from Tom and 4 runs to his name before he made way for his Dad. Stu determined that his contribution would be to run himself out and make way for the youngest Wilson! Very kind of you Stu…….


So last over to go and 17 runs required to win. Poor Sam was taking some nasty blows as the LJ’s sensed blood and another victory. But the Shafter’s still had Jonathan who was now seeing the ball as large as a football. You could sense the excitement tinged with nerves. Three sweetly crafty and (agri)cultured blows to the boundary from Jonathan and we were left with two to get from the last ball for victory, one run for a tie and none for a loss. No pressure then Jonathan. With a mighty swing of his bat the last ball soared into…………..the hands of the wicket keeper! Sadly we’d just missed out on our second victory. However once again we’d asked big questions of the LJ’s (a regular playing cricket team) and done the Shafters proud. Congratulations and thanks to all those who played. Thanks to the LJs for including us in their fixture list. It’s a match played with spirit and mostly good nature! Thanks also to David Robinson who kindly charged back from his Captaining duties at Malden Golf Club to umpire. See you all next year when battle will re-commence.


Scorecard Highlights

Freddie Horler 5-33

Ollie Cardoe 2-19

Jonathan Horler 1-20

Bertie Hill 1-24


Ollie Cardoe 38

Jonathan Horler 22

Martin Cardoe 18

Toby Swift 17


Alex Cardoe 2 catches and a run out


Shafters Team 2014

Martin Cardoe

Oliver Cardoe

Alex Cardoe

Jonathan Horler

Freddie Horler

Stuart Wilson

Tom Wilson

Sam Wilson

Billy Robinson

Bertie Hill

Toby Swift


Umpire: David Robinson



Shafters Cricket v LJ Clarks - 2013

On a gloriously baking hot afternoon the Shafters once more set forth to break their cricketing duck against the LJ Clark’s XI. Brimming with youth - nine of the eleven were under 20 – we hoped that this might be our year. And what a match it turned out to be.


Fielding first the Shafters got off to a cracking start. Ed Holderness snaring their Captain of Vice in the very first over aided by a very sharp catch from a returning Ian Lloyd. In possibly the strongest ever opening bowling partnership the Shafters has ever fielded, Tom Twiston Davies and Ed restricted the LJ’s to only 25 runs in their opening 8 overs claiming 3 wickets in return. Ed seizing his second wicket delightfully clean bowling the Captain of Vice’s son who had shown early batting promise but just couldn’t resist the temptation of youth to give Ed a slog. Big mistake there young man! Can’t see Ed getting a Christmas card from the Ibbitsons!! Inbetween these two wickets there was a farcical/comical run out. Rory W showing how to keep a clear head when the batsman haven’t.


First change of bowling saw Cardoe Ollie and Rory W come on in an attempt to maintain the pressure. However the LJ’s were beginning to find their collective feet and the boundaries they’d earlier found so difficult to find started to trouble the scorers. Persistency as ever is the key and both plugged away increasing more efficiently with Rory finding his established line and length to capture two wickets. One a fine catch by Ed deep out on the boundary and the other a smart ball that crashed into the timbers. At this stage the LJ’s had recovered to a decent scoring rate and had two batsmen finding real form and the boundary. However, the introduction of Bertie Hill and Ian Lloyd to the attack very swiftly changed the course of the game. Bertie’s bowling with true fire and venom had the more mature LJ’s resorting to wearing helmets. A sure sign we were getting under their skin. In two consecutive balls Bertie removed both their danger men. Two smart catches provided Bertie the chance of a Shafters first ever hat trick. A fine ball ultimately dug out by the batsman to preserve his wicket. What a cracking first over! Not to be out done or outshone Ian Lloyd started to find line and length and in no time at all set about cleaning up the tail enders.  3 wickets against his name with a catch by Cardoe A highlighting how important a victory meant to this squad of cricketing Shafters. Bouncing off his chest on to his arm and then popping upwards as though in slow motion it finally came to rest safely and securely in his right hand. Considerable cheering, high fiving accompanied the relief shown from both Alex and Lloydy. A peach of a wicket.


As a result, we’d done something never achieved before. Taking the full quota of LJ wickets and that in just 24 overs. Outstanding bowling and particularly fielding served up the possibility of a maiden victory.


There was a palpable sense of history as Luke Boobyer and Alex Cardoe trotted out to the middle. However a hell of a lot of batting needed to be done to see us over the line. This was even more evident as both Cardoe A and Tom Wilson fell in the LJs first over both clean bowled to exceptional balls of speed, line and length from Cammy. Not a lot either could have done to prevent wood splintering and the LJs barking out optimistic yells of encouragement. So recovery lay in the hands of our two former Wellington 2XI’ers Cardoe O and Luke. Having plundered three tasty boundaries including a sweetly struck 6 Luke took cause to try again but missed a straight one from the indefatigable Cammy who seemed to be right on song. That illusive first victory now looked as far away as it possibly could be. Well hope does spring eternal. 


Ollie Cardoe was now starting to find his timing and need also to find partners who would hang around with him. The Radley old boys, Hill (B) Hill (S) & Twiston Davies, provided resistance if only to slow down the fall of wickets and provide Ol with the platform to do his stuff.  However once the two youngsters fell the Shafters found themselves at 75 for 5. Simon Hill delivered his best innings in Shafters colours hanging around and being a nuisance (what’s new – Ed) while Oliver really started to open his shoulders. We were edging our way to 3 figures and by the time Rory Wyatt joined Oliver the watching faithful started to believe the impossible was possible. Between the two we found a rock and explosives. Ol took a distinct liking to the LJ’s Captain Coundy’s bowling dispatching him for 3 sixes in an over. The LJ’s looked troubled and the scoreboard ticked onwards and upwards. With only 15 or so runs to get Rory was caught. Oh no surely not. 15 runs, 3 wickets and loads of overs. Keep your cool guys. And so it came to pass. Ed joined Ol and Cammy who had started the LJ’s inning with such devastation simply couldn’t find any direction whatsoever other than boundary wides. The Shafters were edging towards their required total. It was then only appropriate that Ollie Cardoe should land the winning blow with a sumptuous 4 through the covers.


Victory was ours by a margin of 3 wickets. Quite simply extraordinary. Triumphant for the very first time. Oh how they sang on the boundary. What a truly pleasurable moment. Played in great spirit and much like Andy Murray at the US Open, we’d broken our duck. Will there be more victories to savour? Who knows? With this young team to build on and those missing from previous year’s exploits to return we’re on the up.


An enormous gratitude to all who played and watched and special thanks to Bronny and Milly for providing cakes.


Scoreboard Highlights:

Ian Lloyd                             3-27

Ed Holderness                    2-11

Rory Wyatt                          2-44

Tom Twiston-Davies          0-14

Oliver Cardoe                     63+ Not out

Rory Wyatt                         15+

Luke Boobyer                    15

Extras                                 31


Shafters Team 2013

Martin Cardoe

Oliver Cardoe

Alex Cardoe

Bertie Hill

Tom Twiston-Davies

Rory Wyatt

Stuart Wilson/Simon Hill

Ed Holderness

Luke Boobyer

Tom Wilson

Ian Lloyd


Shafters Cricket v LJ Clarks - 2012

Shafters win cricket…………….toss!

On a gloriously sunny day the Shafters elected to field first to give their very youthful side an opportunity to bowl at the LJs.


With a first ever victory as their goal the Shafters got off to an excellent start with Billy Robinson’s mate - Rory – snaring the first wicket in the opening over. This was followed up by a maiden over of mesmerising spin from Rory Wyatt. The omens looked good as the Shafters bowled accurately and fielded sharply and restricted the LJs to only 34 runs off the first 10 overs in a 30 over match.

20 overs later the LJs creamed an additional 150 runs to reach a total of 180 for the loss of 7 wickets and one retirement. During which time a number of creditable bowling and fielding performances should be highlighted:


Very accurate bowling from the two Rorys & Ol C

Measured leg spin from Max M

Hostile & devilish bowling from '11

Containing spell from Robinson J

Standout debut from Freddie Horler (3-17) well surpassing his Dad's 2-30!

Neat keeping from the skipper '07


However all of these highlights were well and truly over shone by the sheer hilarity of having ’11 drop a relatively tough but straight down his throat catch on the boundary from his son’s bowling. One up to Horler Jnr! More merriment ensued in the following over when ’11 determined that a younger fielder was required to take his place in the outfield where he’d just dropped the catch. Scripting it perfectly Max duly took an outrageously brilliant catch deep on the boundary to show ’11 just how to deal with such situations. As indicated by the LJs scorer who simply insert “very well caught” into his scorebook.


So seeking to set the record books straight the batting line up was stuffed full of youngsters at the top end in a hope that they would take the sting out of the LJ’s established bowling attack. Sadly our batting start didn’t match up to our bowling start. In very short order we found ourselves 5 down for only 31 runs and then 6 for 47. However all was not lost. A sterling partnership between ’11 and Rory (Billy’s mate) added over 50 runs - crafted by controlled slogging and nifty nurdling – took us over the 100 mark and offered a glimmer of hope. All of which was extinguished sadly after both ’11 (36 runs) and Rory (34 runs) had been very well caught in the deep and left us high and dry on a total of 121 all out, 60 runs short of our target.


Nevertheless a terrific performance all round considering many hadn’t picked up a cricket bat or ball in a year. Thanks to all for making themselves available to play and for those who watched in the hope of witnessing history. Having seen the youthful talent of the junior Shafters on show, I know that time will come when we secure our first victory.


Shafters Team 2012

Martin Cardoe

Oliver Cardoe

Simon Hill

Jonathan Horler

Freddie Horler

Rory Wyatt

Billy Robinson

David Robinson

Rory - Billy’s mate

Max Merttens